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hello, beautiful ~

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My precious ♡ 
#zea #제국의아이들 #firsthome #kpop #cd #korean #zeas #russia

My precious ♡
#zea #제국의아이들 #firsthome #kpop #cd #korean #zeas #russia


神さまの言うとおり (x)

Kamisama no Iuutori by Takashi Miike(Fukushi Sota, Sometani Shota & Kamiki Ryunosuke)


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Akanishi Jin :: Good Time♪(*>∀<)★


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Nakajima Yuto - Nihon Eiga magazine

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Q: What was the hardest thing on your war to become an idol?

because I’m the leader and also one of the older members or the group, to the members I’m a nuisance. It’s hard to be the bad guy even when they are tired, I have to tell everyone to practice and I have to scold them sharply when they fall asleep.

When i’m tired myself, I can’t tell it to anyone. It’ll be chaos if they start worrying,

"Our leader is tired, what should we do?"

so, a solution for that is our ‘talk time’. We gather once every week to talk about what’s on our mind. Then, regardless of age difference,we can talk freely and tell anyone everything we want to say.

that point is…hard for a leader.

normally you can’t say it’s hard, but I can’t depend on anyone. There are times I ask the other members, “would you please do this.” but it doesn’t happen very often. [x]


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